Aboriginal Nanny’s group

Pam’s Place (Moogs), Aboriginal Nanny’s group

Auntie Esther Carrol came to Community and Cultural Connections Cultural Bridges Event in May this year and she gave her longest ever Welcome to the country after being so excited to see so many multicultural older women in one place.

I felt that our community of Elder women could have something similar a women’s group – where they can receive and give support to each other.

The rest of the course was history as soon as 3 weeks after the event we approached CCCi & ARCCO.  Space in one of the huts was given to us by ARCCCO at Addison Rd Community Centre. A CCCi staff is to assign to assist in organizing our stuff.

We named our group Pams Place (Moogs) – Nannys Advocacy and Support Group Innerwest – and from 3 women we can sometimes be as much as ten, once up to fifteen when we come together.

Every week we meet we remember that we are all on the same boat we want support for our older Aboriginal women living in the local area. We sometimes have to support two or more extended families and always try to keep our families together.

The three to four hours we spend together each week can sometimes be the only respite during a week of full responsibilities as mothers, carers, supporters, providers, role models and close friends to our family our community and fellow community of Elder women.

The meetings help us strengthen bonds between ourselves, our family and our community. We also find that we are tracing and linking our family trees and also from the years of the Stolen Generation.

We now look further ahead and in fact, are excited about a few of our plans for the future and having a wonderful time exploring our creative side and more of our culture.

Some of us love to tell stories, spin a yarn, crochet, do rock painting, create crafts or plan trips as far as overseas one day.

Thanks to ARCCO and CCCi who are a great help to make this happen. Appreciation also goes to Marrickville Council and Carers NSW for their financial support for our activities.

If you are interested to join or know more about us please make contact with CCCi and theyll gladly help you out.