CCCi Welcomes Placement Students

CCCi Welcomes Placement Students

Community and Cultural Connections would like to introduce Gabriela Sandrussi, Kriti Puri and Sanjaya Sharma as our new placement students for the final six months of 2020. Gabriela studies a Bachelor of Social Work at Western Sydney University and has 600 hours of work placement to complete. Kriti and Sanjaya study a Masters of Social Work at Australian College of Applied Psychology and have 500 hours of work placement to complete. Together all three students have various goals they wish to achieve together while working at CCCi. These include: 

  • Learning how to work within the organisation
  • Learning and applying strategic thinking skills
  • Develop and plan programs to suit specific target groups 
  • Engage with and learn from people from diverse cultures and building skills and knowledge about cultural sensitivity
  • To maintain professional boundaries 
  • To engage and empower clients to make their own decisions in their lives that will enhance their well-being and benefit them 

Our placement students will bring valued contributions to CCCi’s work in the coming months. Read more about each of our placement students below!

photo of three placement students
Left to right: Gabriela, Sanjaya and Kriti

My past placement has been at 3Bridges Community Centre working in the meeting support program in Carss Park and Summer Hill. I have also completed TAFE placements at Bankstown PCYC, Burwood PCYC, Mission Australia and Canterbury Vale School. During the week I volunteer with Maronites on a Mission who feed the homeless and run an initiative where we visit the disadvantaged within our community and assist them with either food hampers, homework assistance for their children or simply give them some company if they are lonely.

My name is Sanjaya Sharma (pronounced ‘Sun-J’ or simply call me Jason). As a person, I am a very annoying and talkative person, full of energy which can make me chatterbox all day long.I have completed my Bachelors degree on Social Work back in my home country, Nepal. I have also completed training on Leadership, Disaster Risk Reduction and First Aid. I myself have been involved in few projects also in Community development and service where I have worked with multicultural communities and young people.

My hobbies include sketching and drawing, similarly photography, playing sports such as football, basketball, and badminton. Also I am fond of nature so hiking is other thing I indulge myself with. I can speak Nepali, English and Hindi. I enjoy working in community service, which has led me to work at a grassroot level, with direct involvement with community people. Working with CCCi will provide an opportunity for me to work with people directly rather than working behind the desk.

My name is Kriti Puri and I am an international student from India. I grew up with my elders’ love, care and affections. These moral values are engraved in my approach to human service. I became interested in helping vulnerable people in my community when I worked on a local project on human trafficking. I then completed my Masters in Anthropology, seeking knowledge and qualifications on my particular field of interest.

I am a happy going person and love spreading happiness and joy around. My hobbies include exploring nature, hiking, dancing, singing, listening music, playing table tennis, badminton, online games and cooking. During my placement at Community Cultural and Connections Inc (CCCi) I hope to involve myself with a wide range of projects, ideas and events, with best practice towards the community development in multicultural communities.