CCCi’s campaign is starting conversations about gambling

CCCi’s campaign is starting conversations about gambling

Problem gambling is being raised as an issue of concern among some culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Sydney’s Inner West region. Gambling addiction from sports betting, pokie machines, or online gambling games can result in significant financial losses and have harmful impacts on gamblers, their families, and the wider community.

Community and Cultural Connections Inc (CCCi) has launched a campaign to tackle gambling-related harms in Sydney’s Inner West multicultural communities. The project aims to raise awareness of problem gambling and educate the community to make informed choices and seek help.

Gambling addiction leads to not only significant financial losses and debts, but also impacts on personal relationships, mental health, and general wellbeing. These issues affect all Australians, but they are affecting our multicultural communities in different ways. CCCi’s gambling project is talking to different cultural groups to better understand their specific experiences and concerns.

CCCi has consulted with and held gambling awareness workshops with the diverse communities such as Tibetan, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Nepalese communities as part of this campaign. The organisation has also recently published resources in Nepali, Portuguese and Vietnamese languages with a list of available support services in the local Inner West area.

“We want to start these conversations in these cultural communities and let people know that help is available,” said CCCi’s Community Project Officer, Susan Chen.

Problem gambling can be a taboo subject, particularly in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. CCCi aims to reduce the stigma regarding gambling and create opportunities to discuss these issues openly.

“We need to be attuned to social and cultural factors so that we can understand the best way to prevent harm and support those who need it,” said Miss Chen. “For example, we know that newly arrived migrants and international students can be more vulnerable to developing a gambling problem and they may not have the support networks in Australia to help them.”

“Most people do not realise the huge impact that harmful gambling has on not just individuals and their families, but the wider community. It’s just often not talked about, and that means that the harms remain hidden and those who are suffering do so in silence.” 

CCCi has partnered with local cultural groups to deliver these activities to the local Nepalese community. Partnerships with the community are crucial for CCCi’s approach to ensure whole-of-community collaboration to tackling gambling-related issues.

Participants of the project have so far found the information and conversations as valuable first steps towards increasing knowledge and awareness. “It’s amazing to see information available in Nepali”, stated one participant. “It’s a great start,” said another participant, “we need to get more people involved for ongoing work on this issue”.

CCCi can provide support and referral for anyone concerned about problem gambling in the Inner West or surrounding region of Sydney. Call Susan Chen 0470 593 207 or email CCCi have published gambling resources in English, Vietnamese, Nepali, and Portuguese. Download at

For further media information, contact Susan Chen via phone 0470 593 207 or email or, Vi Pham via phone 0404 937 298 or email