Hoa Mai Group in ‘The Melody of Humanity’

Watch: Hoa Mai Group featured in ‘The Melody of Humanity’ music video

The Hoa Mai Cultural Performance Group were proud to featured in the recent ‘The Melody of Humanity’ music video, a project delivered by Settlement Services International (SSI) Community Refugee Welcome Centre and Inner West Council.

Watch the video below.

The multilingual music video features 22 artists and was filmed across a number of locations throughout the Inner West. It was developed in collaboration with a diverse range of newly arrived communities. The Hoa Mai Cultural Group recorded beautiful Vietnamese lyrics and filmed their traditional dance at Addison Road Community Centre.

Ha Huong Nguyen, Quang Dinh, Hung Le, Thu Giang Nguyen, Lucinda Tran and Thanh Thuy Nguyen were proud to perform in the video and represent the local Vietnamese community.

The music video was launched on Human Rights Day, December 2020 at the Community Refugee Welcome Centre in Callan Park.

The Hoa Mai Cultural Group are committed to expressing their pride for traditional culture through song, dance, and performance.

CCCi congratulates SSI and Inner West Council for a wonderful project and initiative.

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