Letter from a Client’s daughter*

Letter from a Client’s daughter*

I am the daughter of Mrs Saffam who has been fortunate enough to join CCCI’s Arabic Community Outing group since the beginning of this year.

Mother and her friends have asked me to write this letter for them. 

We are all so grateful and very much appreciative of the opportunities that your centre is offering to these elderly men and women. My mother and these women have never been happier to be attending these appropriate, important and informative sessions. They are amazed with the ongoing fun and exciting places of outings, and the beautiful places they’ve been visiting. In their entire lives they have never had the opportunity or they will never have the pleasure of going to these places if it wasn’t for the organization of your centre.


On every occasion, mother describes to me how wonderful her day was. How staff and the volunteers looked after them very well with pleasure and the amazing quality of the meals they were given.

Mother and her friends now look forward every week to hear about the events coming up, and it has made a huge positive impact on the way these women live and look into the future.

Thank you also to all staff involved in making a positive difference to our elders.

Keep up the great and wonderful work you do.


* This is a combined excerpt of clients’ letters to Community and Cultural Connections Inc.  To respect privacy we’ve used fictitious names for this letter.