Dementia Campaign

Dementia Awareness Campaign for Diverse Communities

Since 2016, we have been working with a number of partner organisations and agencies in delivering dementia education, awareness, engagement and support for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

There are more than 459,000 Australians living with dementia. It is a primary health concern within our ageing communities. However, for CALD communities, there is limited access to community language information and support for dementia sufferers and their carers.

CCCi are working to engage with communities, including those affected by dementia, to provide culturally-specific information and support. Central to this has been a highly participatory and collaborative approach. Consultation with communities and collaboration with organisations, governments and key stakeholders have shaped our dementia campaign.

We have worked collaboratively with local communities to deliver culturally specific information sessions, expos and forums. We have also developed referral brochures available in six languages. In 2019, our Sydney Inner West Dementia Campaign was a finalist for the NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communication Awards.

Read more about these initiatives below.

CCCi will continue to work with local communities to raise awareness and offer culturally specific information and support for people affected by dementia and their carers. If you would like more information or if you or organisation would like to get involved, please contact Vi Pham.


Sydney Inner West Multicultural Dementia Campaign

In 2018, CCCi collaborated with Inner West Area Sector Support Development Officer, Inner West Council and Sydney Local Health District, along with 18 other organisations, agencies and councils to deliver the Sydney Inner West Multicultural Dementia Campaign.

We received a $15,000 grant from Dementia Australia to provide information on dementia to five targeted cultural and language communities in inner west Sydney: Chinese, Greek, Italian, Korean and Vietnamese.

Our campaign has been recognised for its unique, collaborative and participatory approach. We were a finalist for Community Campaign of the Year at the 2019 Premier’s Multicultural Communication Awards.

The consultation process

An administrative committee was established, along with five subcommittees, one for each cultural group, each with at least one person impacted by dementia. Altogether twenty-two organisational members and seven consumers were active members of these committees.

We engaged a consultant to seek input from the public through a formal consultation process. Consultations were conducted with one hundred and one people across the five communities, as well as 18 community workers, to gain an understanding of the best way to delivery culturally and linguistically appropriate dementia information.

Referral brochure

The consultation process informed the development of a referral brochure, which was made available in English, as well as each of the five community languages.

View and download our referral brochures, available in English, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Italian.Inner West Dementia Referral Brochure - EnglishInner West Dementia Referral Brochure - English (page 2)

Community forum events

Five community forum events were held during Dementia Awareness Month, September 2019, in which local seniors and carers were invited to the forum to engage with each other and share their stories. The forums provided an opportunity to hear from support services and dementia experts, and access information in their own community language. Participants were also treated to fun activities and cultural performances.

The forums were a huge success, with almost 650 participants across the five events. We heard great feedback from those who attended. They found the information useful and easy to understand.

 “This helped me to understand my illness better”

“The information is very useful and necessary”

Participants also thoroughly enjoyed the experience and expressed the need for more information and engagement.

“Hope to have more events like this in the future”

“I like this kind of event”

CCCi would like to thank our many organisational partners, staff, and community participants for contributing to the success of this project.



2018 Aboriginal Dementia Expo

In 2018, the Aboriginal Dementia Expo was hosted at the Ashfield Civic Centre.

The event was an opportunity for Aboriginal members of the community to learn about dementia and how to support and care for people with dementia. Participants were able to ask questions and receive information from health professionals. The expo featured guest speaker Dr Natasha Spalding.

Participants found the event useful and the information relevant and easy to understand.

“Great understanding for Aboriginal people”

“Great location! Expo material was excellent. The workers/agency were friendly, helpful and accommodating”

The event was organised in partnership with Aged and Community Services Australia, Canterbury & Marrickville Sector Support and Development, Inner West Council, Inner West Sector Support Development & Training, Access Sydney Community Transport, Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre, Wesley Mission, Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and the Sydney Local Health District.

2017 Inner West Multicultural Dementia Expo

In 2017, the Multicultural Dementia Awareness Event hosted over 170 community members who were affected by dementia. Twenty partner agencies were involved in this event. In addition to information and presentations on dementia and dementia care, the event featured food, prize draws, art activities and massage.

Participants from a range of CALD backgrounds were able actively engage and receive culturally-specific information regarding dementia in their own language.

“This is the best forum I have ever been” – Spanish speaker carer of person living with dementia

“I spent the best time in this forum. Everything is great” – Arabic speaking participant

“This kind of event is very useful to the community” – Chinese speaking participant