Social Support Services and Dementia Support Service


Based on a needs assessment, CCCi staff together with service users and their family members/carers make a care plan to respond to individual needs.

Staff and/or trained volunteers, who speak clients’ language, provide assistance and support through a range of services and activities including

  • Visiting on a regular basis at your home, or go for a coffee and have a chat

  • Help with small tasks around the home, including check fridge contents and use-by dates of food items.

  • Personal shopping assistance, for example clothes, healthy food, or pay bills

  • Outings – attending a small targeted group outings

  • Escorting – assistance with going to appointments such as medical or social appointments

  • Telephoning – making a regular phone call for a friendly chat, or reminding about appointments


Fee: There is no charge for this service

a small transport fee applies if transport service is requested

Volunteers are provided with training, support by staff, and undergo a Criminal Record Check.